How do you make broken device replacement awesome?

We partner with great companies to make your claim a priority

Why pay $10 a month for insurance? DropBot is Free.

It’s our free app that is changing the way breaking your devices make you feel. DropBot uses the motion sensors in your phone to figure out when you might have broken it and with a couple clicks you can get your phone replaced or repaired in a few hours. We are FREE service.

For businesses, DropBot helps you keep your employees productive and out of the Apple store.

Peach is an easier way to compare the insurance you already have.

Most consumers overpay for the coverage they need and aren’t aware that there are many options for coverage. From $4 to $5 a month, Peach lets you purchase warranties for the electronics that are important to you. We have the most comprehensive database of warranty options and summaries of policy fine print to make sure you get the most fair price and see all the details in plain English.

We've helped our customers replace or repair over $975,000 dollars worth of products

DropBot is magic! After breaking the screen on my Galaxy S5, it took me 2 minutes to submit a claim and my new phone was on my doorsteps in 16 hours.
David B. Pharmaceutical Sales
Troubleshooting vague emails about broken devices is a time suck. Peach has saved us over $6,000 in real money and productivity. They’re an innovative company paving a new path with a business model that works.
Tim C. IT Manager
Luke and his team got my screen replaced at a shop within 2 miles of my house and at $50 it was 60% lower than what I would have paid at the mall.
Jess G. Student, Penn State